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“The Academy”

Dear Participant,

Today’s supply chains face unprecedented challenges, including global disruptions, demand volatility, and shortages exacerbated by geopolitical tensions and natural disasters. Rising customer expectations, technological advancements, sustainability pressures, and labor shortages further compound these issues. Adapting to these complexities requires agile strategies, resilient networks, and innovative solutions for sustainable operations.

Entropy within companies manifests as disorder, silos, and divergent goals, creating divisions that challenge leadership cohesion. Struggles to unify arise due to varying agendas, lack of communication, and differing priorities, hindering cohesive organizational alignment and synergy.

Furthermore, leaders of these companies struggle to find time for continuing education, networking, idea sharing, or collaboration.


By the End of This Course, Participants Will Be Able To:

Lead the transformation from manufacturing-centric to supply chain-centric operations.

Redesign supply chain processes, infrastructure, and technology for agility and responsiveness.

Foster a culture of innovation, adaptability, and continuous improvement within their organization.

Implement forecast-free strategies for more accurate and agile decision-making.

Implement weekly production cycles to better meet customer demands effectively.

The curriculum

Academy structure



Each module provides a hands on opportunity for:

Audience Diversity

Ideal mix of “diverse” Companies, with different experiences, opportunities and pocket of success would maximize learning.

Ideal mix of “broad” representation of supply Chain functions, from Customers to Suppliers.

Trainers and Facilitators

Professionals with a proven track record of success on what they talk, coach, facilitate.

Companies may offer their experts astraine rs and share their success stories to enrich the learning experience.

Making teams of common people achieve extraordinary results, Core Lean unleashes your team’s full potential.