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Agustin Ramos

Agustin takes pride in the products his teams have developed and launched, including Fairy Liquid Spain, Compact Pampers, Always Ultra, Pampers Baby Dry, Wella Red, Revlon Oro Fluido, and MAM Comfort. However, he is prouder of the organizations and individuals he has helped to nurture and grow. His passion lies in leaving organizations in a better state than he found them. With a firm belief in personal entrepreneurship, Agustin focuses on creating environments where people can align their sense of mission with the organizational purpose, fostering mutual growth. After three years as R&D VP and four years in Innovation Consultancy in Spain, Agustin spent the last six years leading the R&D Organization of MAM Babyartikel in Austria, positioning it for continued business expansion. With 28 years at Procter & Gamble across various disciplines in Germany, Belgium, and Spain, he led global organizations responsible for people and businesses across three continents.

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